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Mission’s Trophy – Box Cricket

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Mission’s Trophy – Box Cricket

Registration Deadline:

2-6 Sept 2023
7 Pm Onwards
Cash Prizes and Trophies
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Rules & Regulation

Game Rules


  • 8 vs 8 format
  • If a batsman fails to score a run for three consecutive deliveries, they will be declared out.
  • Jackpot Ball
    • The last ball of each inning is called the jackpot ball where the runs scored by the batsman will be doubled. And at a few places, there exists an entire jackpot over, where the runs scored in the last over of an inning will be DOUBLED!
  • Mode of Dismissals:
    • Ball going directly out of the designated box without bouncing or touching anyone inside the box is the most common mode of dismissal.
    • The batsman can be judged out if caught by a ball rebounding off a net if it has not hit the ground or the scoring boards on the net.
  • Highest Scoring runs
    • The highest-scoring shot can be as high as 8 or 12 runs.
  • Impact Player
    • A player can be replaced in every innings if the team is willing to use an impact player.
  • Umpire Decision
    • The umpire’s decision during a game is final in all matters which means no arguing with the umpire, even though you may be sure of his misjudgment. However, this is rare these days due to the presence of the third umpire.
  • No LBW
  • No Throwing the ball
  • Only 1 Bouncer allow for the over.



    • In case, any match ends up in tie, in the league matches the points will be shared between the teams. Teams will get 1 point each. However, tie-matches in semis and finals, one super over will be played. If both teams end up in tie in the super over, team who have scored with lesser number will qualify / win. If number of wickets in the super over are same, winner will be decided by the toss.


  • If the ball hits the net full, its considered as six runs.
  • Over Stepping is no ball if so, it will be awarded free hit.

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